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Cupping for Wellness & Beauty

​Restoring hydration, mobility and functionality Through  Contemporary Cupping & Massage Therapies

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Here at Cupping for Wellness & Beauty,  I provide treatment to those who incorporate maintenance massage therapy into their lifestyles.  Massage sessions restore hydration, mobility and functionality to the human body through the Vacuum and Massage Therapies. I work with other health professionals such as Physical Therapists, Physical Trainers, and Spinal Specialists to assist those who seek health reach their potential.
Massage Therapy included in my treatments are:

Trigger-Point Therapy:
to release congested sections of muscle "knots"

MyoFascial Release:
to loosen the overall structure of the body and make space for muscle health and bone alignment

Swedish technique based massage:
to maintain, condition and promote recovery 

Deeper tissue techniques:
to stimulate blood flow in areas of less circulation

Sports Massage:
to maintain body awareness and promote joint flexibility

Vacuum Therapies:
to release compression, disperse congestion, release inflammation, promote range of motion

One’s unique concerns, pressure preference and physical body determines which appropriate techniques are combined to provide the most relief of pain or discomfort. 



Chronic Pain
Fascial Tension & Faciitis
Muscle Tension
Stress Caused Feelings
(Adgitated, aggrivated, Chronic Illness )


Athletic/Massage Maintainance
Circulation and Skin Health
Depression Recovery
Digestion Health
Joint comfort
Mind/Body Awareness
Operative Health Pre/Post
Repititive Stress InjurY Re-education

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